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      1991 Hengye predecessor Guangyuan Machinery Plant Machinery Plant formal plant   
      1994 Developed China's first multi-needle quilting machine shuttle computer, filling the domestic blank in this field
      1995 Developed China's first multi-needle quilting machine shuttle computer, filling the domestic blank in this field
      1999 Sunny Machinery Factory was renamed, developed China's first independent step shear line Multi-needle quilting machine shuttle computers and computers with more quilting machine shuttle   
      2002 Developed China's first step of many multi-needle quilting machine and computer shuttle computer shuttle multi-needle quilting machine   
      2003 Foreign customers should request automatic cutting machine computer R & D production and mass production   
      2004 Transferred to the new self-built factory, construction area of 10,000 square meters, enterprise strength and further enhance the enterprise through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, developed a computerized multi-head embroidery machine   
      2005 The introduction of ERP production management   
      2006 Products through the CE (European safety standards) certification, developed high-end multi-needle quilting machine shuttle computer HY-W-JH model to meet the high-end customers.   
      2008 Developed multi-needle quilting machine computer hook. Introduction of product design management system, to further promote the work of Enterprise Information Management   
      Meanwhile, the company has offices in Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places with after-sales service department, and actively explore foreign markets, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Peru, Canada, are our agents and partners.
      2011 NC gantry milling machine was imported, which improves the quality of the products greatly. The first Computerized Multi-functional Chain Stitch Quilting Machine is invented in my factory, which fills a gap in this field in China.
      2012 Having successfully developed the up-to-date Computerized lock stitch multi-needle quilting machine and having finished the upgrade of all the series of our products,which enables my company to be entitled Private Technical Enterprise of Dongguan City.   
      2014 New model HY-W-SJ of computerized chain stitch Multi-needle quilting machine combines the excellent quilting effect,high efficiency and durable utilization together perfectly.lt is a new meticulously build and perfect quilting device.

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